AT Gatwick Audiology, we are here to help you. And we have provided solutions for thousands of people just like you. We use only the best hearing aids available from global leading manufacturers as part of our continuing care. We also offer a strong guarantee that our hearing care solutions will meet your hearing needs as best as possible and or you will be given a 30 days money back guarantee for your hearing aids.

Gatwick Audiology only supply the very latest cutting-edge technology hearing aids from the world's best manufacturers.

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Gatwick Audiology is now Phonak Roger™ certified

We are pleased to announce that we are now a Phonak Roger™ certified provider. This allows us to offer Roger technology that can be used in challenging listening situations such as restaurants, meetings at work, and social activities to boost your hearing performance.

Roger supports with far-field conversations such as a socially distanced walk, or finally enjoying the long-anticipated socialising with friends and family, which can be challenging for hearing aids alone to cope with.

Phonak's Roger solution can support those with a dynamic lifestyle, one to one and in groups:

Boosts hearing performance in noise and over distance

Streams directly to hearing aids

Improved speech understanding

Enhancing group listening experience

Access to multiple talkers

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